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Graphic Design

Miller Creative Group's design team work's to deliver your Brand...Your Identity. Our services include logo design, tag lines, message content, cross platform continuity and a theme to grow your business and promote your message. Good design is the foundation on which your image is built.


Miller Creative Group employs a dynamic team approach; whether working to enhance your ideas or presenting new concepts...our personalized service sets us apart. Our designers are educated but their performance lies in their ability to control your project – on time and on budget...


Brand Identification enhances the association that existing clients or potential customers make with your company or organization. Branding adds dimension to your company and the distinction that comes with brand identity is truly unique. A well designed brand identity grabs attention and makes a lasting impression and is the absolute WOW factor that lets your business... Be Seen, Be Found, and Be Remembered.


  • BE SEEN. Good graphics demonstrate that care has been taken to make a great first impression and makes it last.
  • BE FOUND. A good reputation will serve as a word-of-mouth recommendation, but a great logo will get your company found again and again with instant recognition.
  • BE REMEMBERED. Once service is rendered or products have been tried, that absolutely awesome logo registers with the emotional response that also brings your customers back. It makes their referrals even easier when your company is recognized by your brand identity logo.


Graphic Design Services

  • Brand & Logo Development
  • Media Market
  • Web Graphics
  • Signage
  • Fleet Graphics
  • Corporate Apparel


What's in a Name?

The distinction that comes with brand identity cannot be reproduced. A company or an organizations name can be repeated by others with similar sounding names or word combinations, perhaps muddling the effect you hope it will create. "Google" search the name of your own company and check out the results. Even if search engines find it in the "top ten", the search still produces a myriad of others at the same time. A brand identity logo gets noticed at first glance. A well designed logo grabs attention and makes a lasting impression.


Where is this Possible?

Once we have refined or created your brand, Miller Creative Group will present your brand identity in a multitude of various platforms. From business cards, web presence, signage for your facilities, marking your fleet, to outfitting your employees with custom corporate apparel... MCG makes all of this possible in one convenient place.


How is this Achieved?

Our graphic design team works directly with you to design and produce your unique identity brand. MCG employes a dynamic team to draw from creatively. We can constructively help you to develop your own ideas, or if you prefer we can produce options from scratch for you to choose from. Input as much or as little as you choose, but either way our service to you will be personalized.


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